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Getting Started with for Digital Agencies
Getting Started with for Digital Agencies

Welcome to your starting point with if you are a Digital Agency

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Why Choose for Your Digital Agency? addresses the common challenges faced by digital agencies:

  • Streamlining client feedback collection.

  • Integrating feedback directly into project management tools.

  • Ensuring clear communication between developers, designers, and clients.

Digital agencies often use our platform to gather client feedback on staging versions of their websites. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set this up.

Setting Up Your Project

A project is where your clients report their website feedback.

Once you start the project creation process, enter your project Name, Website, and Integration. Many teams like directly integrating this project with their existing issue tracker or project management tools. In the example below, we integrate with Jira. We have many other integrations to choose from, and you can also continue without an integration using as your project management tool.

See our integration helpdesk area for help setting up your integrations.

Add the widget to your website.

The next step is to connect the website/web app to You can install our widget in several ways. The JavaScript snippet installation is very straightforward once you can access your source code. Copy the snippet code above your website's closing </head> tag.

Widget Targeting for Enhanced Security

Ensure that your widget is visible only to the right audience. Consider limiting access to your staging domain and inviting select clients to your project. By doing this, you ensure the widget doesn't show up on your website's live version and that only your internal team and clients have visibility of the widget.

Restrict to specific domains.

To restrict the widget to your staging domain, navigate to Widget > Security and select Restrict to listed domains.

You can view the domains at Settings > General > Website domains

Restrict to internal team and invited clients.

To restrict the button visibility to your internal team and clients, navigate to Widget > Button > Button visibility. Select Logged in users only.

Invite your clients to report feedback.

Invite your clients to submit website feedback to kickstart the feedback process. Click on "Invite" and enter your clients' email addresses. Once invited, your client will receive an email with brief instructions and a short video tutorial on how to provide feedback.


Collect Feedback

Once clients have been invited, they can report feedback immediately.

Their feedback will automatically include detail-rich technical data.

Let’s say the Contact Us button is broken. The reporter clicks on the widget and is presented with a screenshot and a feedback form to complete.

The screenshot can be annotated, and the feedback form can be as simple or as complex as you wish. We recommend keeping the feedback form as simple as possible for your non-technical reporters.

Within, clients can monitor their feedback, status, and comments. They also have the option to add additional comments and upload files for further clarification.

Agency Feedback Review

To help you monitor and manage the feedback efficiently, you’ll see each feedback with a clear screenshot and automatically captured technical details, such as the client browser, operating system, and screen size.

An automatically recorded session replay video shows the steps leading up to the reported issue, offering valuable insights to your developer team.

You also have access to console logs and network requests to enable your team to understand technical issues deeply.

Communicate with your clients.

Engage in productive conversations on the right-hand side of each feedback page. Once you communicate with your clients, they will receive an email where they can reply.

All communication will be synced to the feedback page, and if you use any of our integrations, everything will be synced there, too.

Synchronize Status

When your team is ready to mark feedback as resolved in your tools, this will automatically update its status in and notify your client that all is resolved.

Give your internal team access to all feedback.

If any of your internal team members would like to see the technical details of each feedback, invite them as a member to your account. Members see all of these technical details and can also submit their own feedback, which can be deep technical feedback with many fields.

For more information on our user roles, see our latest guide here.

Summary offers many features tailored for digital agencies developing websites for clients. We're here to simplify your feedback process, enhance client communication, and improve project outcomes. For any queries or assistance, contact us via the chat at the bottom of our pages.

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