To install the widget, you have many choices.

Install code manually

The manual snippet code is our most popular installation method once you have access to the backend of your website. It's an ideal installation method to capture feedback from a wide range of desktop and mobile devices. Copy the snippet code and paste it above your website's closing head tag.

CMS Plugins

If you build websites using a Content Management System. Consider our integrations:


If you are developing a web app, you may use our NPM package to access the full potential of in your app. (hide / show, trigger captures, …).

This takes two quick steps:

  • Install the package from npm

  • Setup the SDK in your code

For instructions, see, select your project > Settings > Widget > Installation > Add NPM Package

Additionally, see our Official browser SDK here.

Browser Extensions

The browser extensions allow reporters to submit feedback without installing code onto your website.

We've built extensions for Chrome, Edge (using the Chrome web store), and Firefox.

See our Browser Extensions guide for complete information on how to set these up.

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