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Introduction's Network Requests Recorder is part of our Developer Tools suite, designed to help developers understand, reproduce, and fix issues faster by providing logs of all network requests that occurred during a session. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the Network Requests Recorder.

How it Works

  • Report an issue: A user reports a website issue through the widget.

  • Transmission of requests: All network requests that occurred during the session are transmitted and logged.

  • Review the logs: Inside the feedback page, team members can explore the reporters' logs as if looking at the reporter's browser dev tools.

  • Filtering requests: You can filter the recorded logs based on the request type.

  • Integration Access: If your project is connected to an integration like Jira, you'll see a quick access link to see how many requests failed.

Getting Started

  1. Plan Subscription: Ensure that your subscription includes the Developer Tools feature. It's available starting with the Team plan and above.

  2. Widget Embedding: Embed your widget's snippet code on your website or web application. This allows it to record properly.

  3. Enable Network Requests Recorder: Inside each project, under your widget settings, you will find the Developer tools menu. Ensure this toggle is switched to the 'Enabled' position to start recording network requests.

Exclusion of sensitive data: If you'd like to exclude sensitive data from your request to be recorded, you can exclude specific values from headers and JSON bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Network Recorder slow down my website?

No, it doesn't. The script runs entirely in the background and should not impact your site's performance.

2. How do I enable & disable Network Recorder?

After embedding the script on your website, navigate to any project under Widget > Developer tools > Network requests and toggle enable or disable.

3. Why is Network Recorder in beta?

The technology behind Network Recording is advanced and needs to be extensively tested to ensure it records all types of websites perfectly.

4. Does it record sensitive information?

Yes, but you have control. In your Developer Tools settings, you can exclude values with specific keys from all headers and JSON bodies.


With's Developer Tools, particularly the Network Requests Recorder, developers can streamline their debugging process, saving valuable time and resources. Should you encounter any issues with the feature, please contact us any time in the chat.

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