Developing websites on WordPress? We're about to make your website feedback life so much easier with our WordPress plugin. You need a account to use the plugin. Sign up for a 15-day free trial today at!

To install the plugin:

  • Log in to your WordPress Admin.

  • Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins

  • In the search box, type

  • Install Now

Once the plugin is installed, select Activate and navigate to the plugin settings.

Here you can decide on settings, including:

  • Enabling the widget

  • Displaying the widget in the admin section

  • Controlling the user roles that have access to the widget

  • Selecting the types of content where the widget is displayed

  • Displaying the widget depending on the status (published, drafts, etc) of the content

Finally, create a new destination or connect your WordPress site with any of your existing destinations on

Our widget will now appear on your website.

Widget not showing?

If your widget is not displaying, try:

  • Clearing your cache: If your WordPress blog uses any caching plugins, you may have to clear your cache to ensure the script is added to your site.

  • Verify domain manually: Click on the Website domains button inside the widget and ensure all domains - and subdomains like - are whitelisted.

  • Check widget visibility settings: Ensure your widget display settings inside the WordPress plugin are correct. Also, check your widget settings like button visibility and privacy settings inside your admin.

Having issues? Contact our support on the bottom right of any of our web pages.

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