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Why Choose Webflow Integration?

Webflow is renowned for crafting responsive websites, landing pages, eCommerce platforms, blogs, and more. It boasts a robust content management system (CMS) and also functions as a hosting platform. By integrating with Marker.io:

  • Streamline the feedback collection process on Webflow.

  • Save significant developer time.

  • Directly channel your Webflow feedback into your preferred project management tools and issue trackers.

How to add marker.io to Webflow

  • Within app.marker.io navigate to your project settings > widget > Installation > Add code manually and copy code.

  • Within your Webflow account, navigate to project settings.

  • Select the Custom Code menu tab

  • Paste the code snippet inside the <head> tag and save changes.

  • Publish your site.

  • Visit your site, and the widget will appear.

Only include marker.io only on your staging website

You might want to add your snippet code only visible on your staging website.

To do that, you need to add a condition around your marker.io snippet:


// Only load marker.io if url includes webflow.io

if (window.location.href.includes("webflow.io")) {
// Your marker.io snippet

window.markerConfig = {
project: 'PROJECT_ID', // replace with your project id
source: 'snippet'

!function(e,r,a){if(!e.__Marker){e.__Marker={};var t=[],n={__cs:t};["show","hide","isVisible","capture","cancelCapture","unload","reload","isExtensionInstalled","setReporter","setCustomData","on","off"].forEach(function(e){n[e]=function(){var r=Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);r.unshift(e),t.push(r)}}),e.Marker=n;var s=r.createElement("script");s.async=1,s.src="https://edge.marker.io/latest/shim.js";var i=r.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(s,i)}}(window,document);



๐Ÿ’กTip: Don't add your <script> tag inside the IF condition.

Widget not displaying on your Webflow website?

If your widget is not displaying, try the following:

  • Ensure your website[s] is listed under website domains. Navigate to your project settings > Settings > General > Website domains. Check that the correct website domain(s) is listed here.

  • Check widget visibility settings: Check settings, including widget appearance and widget targeting within your Marker.io account.

  • Finally, check your caching settings, and open up your website using an incognito window to verify that it's working.

Need Further Assistance

Integrating Marker.io with Webflow ensures a streamlined feedback mechanism, enhancing both the developer's and user's experience. Should you have any more questions or require adjustments, please let us know!

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