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Need to Report a Bug or Share Feedback About
Need to Report a Bug or Share Feedback About

Can't report a bug through Follow the steps below!

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If you've encountered an issue with or have some feedback, you're in the right place! Follow the simple steps below to troubleshoot the issue or report it to our support team.

Before Submitting Your Bug Report

These quick fixes often resolve common issues, reducing the number of bug reports we receive. πŸ™

Before reaching out to us, please try these basic troubleshooting steps. They might resolve the issue right away:

  1. Close Unnecessary Applications: Extra applications might slow things down. Close what you don't need.

  2. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: This often fixes website issues. (Note: You'll be logged out of most sites.) Help here.

  3. Disable Browser Extensions: Some extensions can cause problems. Try switching them off temporarily.

  4. Reinstall the extension: If you're using the browser extension and experiencing issues, try removing it and then adding it back. This can often clear up any problems. Help here.

  5. Use a clean Incognito/Private Browsing Mode: This mode disables most extensions and uses a fresh cache, which can resolve issues.

  6. Update Your Browser: An outdated browser can cause problems. Make sure yours is up to date.

  7. Update Your Operating System: Keeping your system updated helps everything run smoothly.

  8. Restart Your Computer: Sometimes, a quick restart is all it takes to fix an issue.

  9. Try a Different Browser or Device: If the problem persists, test it on another browser or device.

  10. Unique to you: Check with your team members to see if they're experiencing the same issue. It helps to know if the problem is unique to you.

Still having trouble? Let's get that bug report started!

Bug Report Email Template

Copy and paste the template below, fill in the details, and email it to: or paste it into the chat window on the bottom right of any of our web pages.

Bug Description

[Describe the issue clearly.]

Steps to Reproduce:

1. [Step 1]

2. [Step 2]

3. [Step 3]

(Add more steps if needed.)

Expected Result

[What did you expect to happen?]

Actual Result

[What actually happened?]


[Attach screenshots, videos, or other files if possible.]

Console and Network Logs

Please include screenshots of the console and network logs from your browser's Developer Tools if possible.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the webpage and select Inspect (or press F12).

  2. Click the Console tab and take a screenshot.

  3. Click the Network tab and take another screenshot. You may need to refresh the page to capture Network information.

  4. Attach both screenshots to your email.

Additional Information

  • Browser/Device: Ideally navigate to: , click on the green copy button and paste the result here.

  • Date and Time of Occurrence: [Include the date and time when the bug was encountered.]

  • User Account: [Include your username or account email if applicable.]

Need Help Right Away?

Feel free to contact us through the chat on the bottom right of any of our web pages. We're here to assist you!

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