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How do I change the endpoint of a project?
How do I change the endpoint of a project?

Below we talk about the limitations and solutions for updating project integrations

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Project Endpoint Limitations

At, we understand the dynamic nature of project management and the need for flexibility in your workflow tools. However, due to the current design of our system, once a project is created the connection of this project cannot be changed to a different integration or project within the same tool.

Why Can't I Change the Connection/Endpoint?

The limitation is due to how integrates with various project management tools. Each project in is uniquely configured to communicate with a specific endpoint, ensuring that your feedback and bug reports are correctly routed and managed.

What Can You Do?

If your team is transitioning to a different project management tool or needs to link to a different project within the same tool, the solution is to create a new project. Here's how you can manage this transition smoothly:

  1. Create a New Project: Set up a new project and link it to your desired new integration.

  2. Migrate Your Workflow: Gradually shift your reporting and feedback collection to the new project.

  3. Archive the Old Project: Once you have fully transitioned, you can archive the old project to avoid confusion.

Future Developments

We are aware of the demand for more flexible changes in projects. This feature is under consideration for future updates. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to vote and comment on this feature to help us prioritize our development efforts.

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