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Polypane is a stand-alone browser with built-in tools for responsive design, accessibility, performance, and meta info.

Integrating Polypane with the Marker.io widget for reporting bugs and feedback significantly improves your QA process.

Set up Polypane Integration

To enable the Polypane integration, ensure you've set up a project on app.marker.io. Check our Get Started Academy for help.

Create an account on Polypane.

Authenticate with Marker.io.

  • The Integrations popover is visible above each Pane by clicking the 🧩 icon.

  • Select the "Marker.io" tab > Choose "Select New project".

  • Choose your project.

  • Go back to Polypane

  • Activate the Marker.io integration by enabling the Active checkbox.

  • Now the marker.io widget appears on your Pane.

  • Repeat for other panes where required.

Why use the Polypane Integration?

When anyone reports feedback on Polypane through the Marker.io widget, technical data, including the viewport size, will automatically be included with the feedback.

The technical data we capture includes:

  • Page URL

  • Browser information

  • Browser viewport dimensions

  • Screen Size

  • Operating system

With this information, your developers can quickly reproduce the bug in the same environment.

Sample Polypane Capture

Here we use Polypane to report on a 1024 X 768 pane.

Sample Feedback page

Below is a sample feedback page containing the Polypane session information, including the viewport/pane dimensions used during the reported feedback.

*image to be updated*

Sample PM/Issue tracker page

The Polypane device information is also sent to the PM/Issue tracking tool you integrated with. Our sample Trello issue is below.


Follow the steps above to allow the Marker.io widget to record and pass the Polypane session viewport. We will detect the Polypane information and automatically capture it for you!

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