Welcome to Marker.io. Below we will guide you through reporting feedback with our software.

Public Reporter Guide

The Feedback Widget

You may see a button similar to the below on your website. This is the Marker.io feedback widget. It may look slightly different depending on how your team sets it up.

Once you click on the feedback widget, you will be presented with a screenshot of the web page and a short feedback form.

Sample Feedback

Let’s say you notice that the Contact Us button is broken. You click on our widget and see:

On the left is a crisp screenshot of the page, and on the right is a short feedback form. This form may be more detailed, depending on how your team sets it up. Annotate the screenshot to focus on the Contact Us button using the tools on top. Complete the feedback form to the best of your ability.

You can now “Send Feedback” as it’s very clear what the issue is here. You may be asked to submit your name and email so your team can contact you and let you know when they have resolved the problem. Your browser will save your name and email so you won’t be asked for them again.

Automatically Captured Information

Some technical information is automatically captured when you submit feedback, including:

  • Browser version.

  • Operating System.

  • URL of the web page.

  • Console logs.

Email Notifications

You may receive email notifications, including:

  1. Confirmation that your team has received the feedback. Select the “here” link to add further commentary.

  2. When anyone comments on any feedback you've reported or commented on. Select the “Click here to reply” button to add further commentary.

  3. When your team closes the feedback. Select the “View your issue” button to add further commentary.

The Feedback Page

You will see the Feedback page when you interact with any of the links on the emails above.

On the bottom right, you can add more commentary and upload additional files as needed.


If you have any questions regarding Marker.io software, feel free to contact us at: support@marker.io

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