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Speed Up Bug Resolution and Enhance Website Quality

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Welcome to 👋

Here's what you can expect:

  • Faster Bug Resolution: Our automated bug reports reduce resolution times by up to 10x. Your projects are about to pick up some pace!

  • Improved Website Quality: The easy-to-use widget increases the bug reporting rate, meaning more issues are detected early. Your final products will be polished and flawless!

  • Deep Integration: Sync effortlessly with your existing tools. Developers work within their familiar environments while reporters receive updates when issues are resolved, cutting down communication times greatly.

How It Works:

  • Simple Reporting: Click the button, write a title, and a brief description. captures a clear, annotated screenshot automatically.

  • Rich, Actionable Data: We automatically collect information such as console logs, network requests, and session replay videos, giving developers detailed feedback and minimizing the need for clarification.

  • Efficient Project Management: Project managers save countless hours with the process. There's no need to triage and manage feedback manually—it's all actioned quickly.

  • QA Made Easy: Quality Assurance teams rejoice! Reporting bugs is now a breeze, with no complex forms or test cases to complete. Click, report, and the rest is captured automatically.

Get Started:

  • Sign Up: Complete the signup at

  • Create a Project: Set up your first project.

  • Install the Widget: Integrate our widget with your website for simple feedback collection.

  • Invite Team Members: Add Project Managers, QA staff, and developers.

  • Invite Clients: Bring external stakeholders into the loop as guests.

  • Collect Feedback: Begin gathering valuable insights to refine your website.

  • Resolve Feedback: With our two-way status sync, resolve bugs in your tools and notify reporters when issues are closed.

Support and Resources:

  • Check out our helpdesk for a library of articles and videos for advanced features.

  • Need help? Just send us a chat message. We’re here to help and we'll respond promptly.

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