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Get Started as a Guest Reporter
Get Started as a Guest Reporter

Website feedback from a guest

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Welcome to! As a Guest Reporter, this guide will help you understand and utilize the key features of our software effectively.

Introduction is a feedback tool that makes collaboration between teams and clients more efficient. Here are some reasons why can benefit you:

  • Simplicity: Report issues directly on the website, eliminating email clutter and needless meetings.

  • Precision: Capture and annotate screenshots for clear context and targeted solutions.

  • Efficient Communication: Auto-log and categorize feedback for organized, easily accessible information.

  • Auto-Info Capture: captures relevant technical details, eliminating follow-ups for faster resolution.

Initial Setup

Email Invitation

Start your journey as a guest reporter by accepting an email invitation from your team. Simply click "Start reporting feedback" and complete the short form.

Manage Your Profile

Within, you can manage your profile settings. Add your profile picture, edit your password, view your feedback history, and install the browser extensions if needed.

Note: The browser extensions can help speed up your website feedback experience.

The Guest Portal

After accepting the guest invitation, you can access the Guest Portal at You can review your feedback here, including screenshots, comments, and feedback status. Depending on your team's settings, you may also see feedback from other guests to help reduce duplication of feedback.

The Feedback Widget

Look for the feedback widget on your website โ€“ it may look like a button on the below image, depending on your team's preferences. Clicking on the widget will open a screenshot of the webpage along with a feedback form to complete.

Submit Feedback

If you encounter an issue, click on the feedback widget, annotate the screenshot using the tools provided, and fill out the feedback form. Once you're satisfied, click "Send Feedback."

The Feedback Page

You can access each Feedback Page on the Guest Portal. This page contains comprehensive details, including:

  • The Title

  • Description

  • Crisp Screenshot

  • Status

  • Automatically captured technical information

You can add comments on the right panel and upload supporting files as needed.

Automatically Captured Information automatically captures technical information, including:

  • Browser version.

  • Operating System.

  • URL of the web page.

  • Console logs.

Email Notifications

You may receive email notifications when someone comments on your feedback or when your team closes the feedback. You can use the links in the email to respond or view the issue.


If you have any questions regarding, feel free to contact us at:

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