A common query on our help desk is "Does Marker.io allow users to capture video?"

While it is not currently possible to record videos or GIFs, there are some workarounds. Also, consider voting for video recording!

Use Session Replay.

You can view a visitor's journey on your website with Session Replay. It includes the user's view (like browser or screen output) and user input (like mouse behavior). Existing solutions include LogRocket, FullStory, and HotJar.

Check out our Session Replay Guide.

Use Loom

Use Loom (or similar) to record short videos of your feedback and copy the loom link into the Description field.

Upload videos directly from any device

Upload video files when reporting feedback.

You can upload as many files as you wish while reporting your feedback.

Include video, image, text, and pdf files as you need.

Upload video files to any feedback page

Once you submit your feedback, open the feedback page, and upload a video, GIF, or voice note, to clearly explain the issue.

Vote for video feedback

If you would like us to build a video recording feature, please vote for it here:

Feel free to add a comment to your vote, as every additional message helps convince our team to build out each feature. πŸ™

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