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Record a video (or GIF) with
Record a video (or GIF) with

Video recording and GIFs

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Upcoming Screen Recording Feature

We're excited to announce a forthcoming Screen Recording feature reminiscent of the Loom experience. This will allow users to:

For now, please have a look at some alternatives listed below.

Try our Session Replay feature.

Explore our Session Replay feature, an automated tool that captures a short video of what a reporter did just before submitting feedback. Your reporters don't need to do any setup.

With Session Replay, you can:

  • Trace a visitor's journey on your website.

  • View the user's perspective, including browser or screen output.

  • Analyse user input, like mouse behaviour.

Use Loom for now.

For immediate video capture needs, you can use Loom (or a similar tool) to record short videos of your feedback.

  • Record your feedback video on Loom.

  • Copy the Loom link.

  • Paste the link into the Description field when reporting.

Upload videos directly from any device.

Upload video files when reporting feedback.

Upload video files along with images, text, and PDF files as needed when reporting feedback. Feel free to include as many files as you wish.

Upload video files to any feedback page.

Once you've submitted your feedback, you can open the feedback page to upload additional videos, GIFs, or voice notes for further clarification.

Support the Screen Recording Feature

We'd love to hear from you if you're enthusiastic about a dedicated video recording feature. Your feedback will guide our development priorities.

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