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Session Replay Videos

Discover when, where, and why your users get frustrated.

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Dive into User Interactions

Session Replay Videos See a playback of the actions a reporter took just before submitting feedback. This feature greatly enhances clarity for developers as they work to replicate or fix bugs, and it requires no extra effort from the reporter - it works automatically!

How does Session Replay work?

Session Replay records a visitor's journey on your website, including their view (like browser or screen output) and input (like mouse behavior). We are excited to introduce this feature, joining the ranks of existing solutions like LogRocket, FullStory, and HotJar.

Each time your reporter submits a bug or feedback, you can rewind time and watch what occurred that led up to that point.

Session Replay allows you to answer questions like:

  • Which elements aren’t working?

  • What features cause confusion?

  • When, where, and why do users get frustrated?

If you have Session Replay enabled on your widget, you will see a rewind button on your feedback page:

If your project is connected to an integration like Jira, you’ll see a quick access link to watch up to the last 2.5 minutes before the Jira issue was created.

Now with Session Replay, you get the same excellent quality feedback page as before—and you can go back in time and see exactly what this user's experience was on your website.

Activate Session Replay

  1. You will need a Team plan or above: Check if your plan includes Session Replay here.

  2. We recommend using any of our code install methods to activate Session Replay. For example, JavaScript snippet install, NPM, CMS plugins, etc. See here for all of our installation methods. You can also use our browser extension method. Be sure to activate the widget on the page also.

  3. Enable in Project Settings: Go to Widget > Session Replay in your project settings and enable Session Replay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Session Replay cost?

Session replay is available starting on the Team plan and above. Check if your plan includes Session Replay here.

Will this slow down my website?

No, it won't. The script is engineered to run entirely in the background and should never cause your site to perform slowly. The design of the script and how it interacts with our servers is much like that of Google Analytics.

Is there a limit on recordings?

  • Team Plan: Allows up to 100 simultaneous website visitors.

  • Enterprise Plan: For more extensive needs, please contact us at

Please note: With the 15-day free trial, you'll receive the benefits of up to 500 simultaneous website visitors.

Do you store all reporters’ sessions?

Once your plan includes Session Replay, and you have not disabled it, the widget records all sessions in the background.

If no feedback is reported, recorded sessions are automatically deleted after a maximum of 1 day (In the vast majority of cases, it will take less than 15mins).

When feedback is reported, the related session is stored permanently through the feedback page. Session data is not publicly accessible. You need to be a Member and have access to the project to load it. All session data is automatically erased if you delete your workspace.

How do I enable & disable Session Replay?

After you’ve embedded the script on your website, go to any project under Widget > Session Replay and enable or disable the toggle.

Who can view the Session Replay?

All members of your account can view Session Replays. Please take a look at our User Roles guide.

Can Session Replay capture all of my website content?

At present, there is some limitation to Session Replay. It cannot record Canvas and WebGL content, for example. Once we release our video screen recording feature, your reporters can record a video that captures most content types.

Do you record sensitive information?

Password fields are automatically obfuscated. We are working to introduce a special class to block elements from being recorded. Contact us if you need that.

Experience Session Replay on your platform and share your feedback. We're here to assist and answer any queries. Reach out to us directly through the chat on

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