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How and Why to Whitelist Email Addresses
How and Why to Whitelist Email Addresses

Never miss an important email update!

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As part of our commitment to ensure you stay updated and connected with the relevant information, we use several email addresses to deliver our updates, notifications, and personalized communications. These email addresses include:

We encourage you to whitelist our email addresses in your email provider settings. This will help ensure our communications reach your primary inbox without getting caught in the spam or junk folders.

Why should you whitelist our emails?

1. Never miss an important update: We send valuable information about product updates, new features, and improvements via these emails. Whitelisting ensures these important messages don't get lost or overlooked.

2. Stay in the loop with notifications: Our notifications keep you informed about the status of your activities within the platform and provide timely alerts relevant to your use of

3. Personalized communication: Some of our emails contain tailored information directly related to your account and activities.

4. Ensure email security: By whitelisting our email addresses, you confirm that these emails are safe and trusted, reducing the likelihood of potential email security issues.

How to Whitelist our Email Addresses?

The process varies slightly depending on your email provider. Below we offer a general guide:

For Gmail Users

  1. Open your Gmail and navigate to 'Settings' (cogwheel icon).

  2. Click on 'See all settings'.

  3. Go to the 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' tab.

  4. Click on 'Create a new filter'.

  5. Add our email addresses separated by a comma in the' From' section.

  6. Click 'Create filter'.

  7. Check the 'Never send it to Spam' box and click 'Create filter' again.

For Outlook Users

  1. Open Outlook and go to 'Settings' > 'View all Outlook settings'.

  2. Go to 'Mail' > 'Junk email'.

  3. Under 'Safe senders and domains', click '+ Add'.

  4. Type in our email addresses and hit Enter after each one.

  5. Click 'Save'.

For Apple Mail

  1. Open Mail and go to 'Mail' > 'Preferences' from the menu.

  2. Click on the 'Rules' tab and then 'Add Rule'.

  3. Create a name for your rule.

  4. Set 'If any of the following conditions are met' to 'From' 'Contains'.

  5. Enter our email addresses in the text field.

  6. Under 'Perform the following actions', set 'Move Message' to the mailbox where you want our emails to go.

  7. Click 'Ok'.

Please replace the steps above with the specific instructions for your email provider if it's not listed.


Thank you for your continued trust in We strive to keep our communication with you transparent, timely, and valuable. By whitelisting our email addresses, you're taking an important step in this process.

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