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How to configure your widget forms?

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We provide two feedback form types, Guest Forms and Member Forms which you can make as simplified or as complex as you wish.

Learn more about our User Roles and collaboration process.

Guest form

Guest forms are for Public Reports and Guests.

These user roles are generally less technical. We advise keeping them as simple as possible to ensure you do not overwhelm your users.

Member Form

Member forms are for Members and Admins.

These user roles are generally more technical. We advise having these forms as complex as you wish.

Field mirroring

All fields inside your forms are reflected from existing projects inside your project management tools. For example, if you use a “Sprint” field inside Jira, an Asana custom field, or a Github “Milestone” field, these will be available inside your forms.

Field value synchronization

All field values from your issue tracker are synced when your forms are loaded. For example, if you add a new colleague inside Jira, Asana, or Github, this person will instantly be available in the assignee field without any update in Marker.io.

Field visibility

Because the fields inside your forms are the same as in your issue tracker, some will be more sensitive than others. You can hide any field you like from your reporters.

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