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Can I have two accounts with the same email address?
Can I have two accounts with the same email address?

A workaround for multplie accounts

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Currently, you cannot have two separate accounts with the same email address. if this feature is important to you, please consider commenting and voting on it here:

While we wait for this feature to be built, please consider the workaround below.

Guide to Setting Up Multiple Accounts with a Single Email Address


To maintain the integrity and clarity of user management, each account requires a unique email address. If you've previously registered with a specific email, that same exact address cannot be used to create another account. However, a workaround is available that allows you to use a variation of your original email, while still receiving all related communications in your main inbox.


Understanding Email Aliases:

An email alias allows you to slightly modify your email address, creating a variation treated as a separate address by systems like, but still links to your main email inbox. For instance, if your original email is "", you can modify it to "" to create another account.

Creating an Alias for Your Email:

  • Identify your primary email address: (e.g., "").

  • Decide on a unique identifier for your alias. This is typically a word or phrase related to the purpose or team associated with the new account. (e.g., "Team2", "ProjectX", "DeptY").

  • Combine your original email with the unique identifier using a "+" sign. Example: "".

Registering a New Account:

Use the newly created email alias (e.g., "") to sign up for a new account.

Adding a member to your account that already exists in another account

Let's say you wish to invite to your account, but this user is already part of another team. You can consider inviting this person as:


  • Allows for easy management of multiple accounts without the need for multiple unique email addresses.

  • Ensures all account-related communications still reach your primary email inbox.


Utilizing the email alias technique ensures seamless management of multiple accounts without complicating email communications. For further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team.

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