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Can I have multiple accounts with a single email address?
Can I have multiple accounts with a single email address?

A workaround for multplie accounts

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Currently, each account must be associated with a unique email address to ensure effective management and organization of user data. Directly registering multiple accounts under the same email is not supported at this time.

If you consider this feature critical, please vote on our feature request page:

In the meantime, we have a workaround that leverages email aliases to help you manage multiple accounts using a single email address below.

Creating and Managing Accounts with Email Aliases

What is an Email Alias?

An email alias functions as a variation of your primary email address. It is recognized as a separate address by systems like but directs all communications to your main inbox. This method keeps your communications streamlined while allowing the flexibility to manage multiple accounts.

Steps to Set Up an Email Alias for Multiple Accounts

  • Identify Your Primary Email Address: For instance, "".

  • Choose a Unique Identifier for Your Alias: Select a relevant keyword that connects to the new account's specific team or project, such as "ProjectX" or "Team2".

  • Create the Alias: Form your new email address by appending the identifier to your original email using a "+" sign, like "".

  • Register a New Account with the Alias: Use this new email alias to create an additional account.

Benefits of Managing Accounts with Email Aliases:

  • Flexibility: Efficiently manage multiple accounts without the need for additional email addresses.

  • Centralized Communication: All account-related emails are directed to one primary inbox, simplifying monitoring and response processes.

Alternative Approach: Removing and Re-Adding Users

If an individual is already associated with an existing account and needs to be integrated into another team without creating an alias, you can request their removal from the initial account. Once removed, they can be added to the new account using their standard email address. This method might be suitable for users transitioning permanently from one team to another.


Leveraging email aliases allows you to manage multiple accounts effectively, ensuring easy project and team separation without the complexity of multiple email setups. Alternatively, adjusting team memberships by removing and re-adding users offers another layer of flexibility for team management. For any further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team.

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