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Review feedback in before sending it to my integration.
Review feedback in before sending it to my integration.

A useful workaround for reviewing feedback before sending it to your main integration project

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Updated over a week ago does not support reviewing feedback before sending it to your integrated project management system. If this feature interests you, we encourage you to vote for and comment on it here.

Below we suggest a workaround using a separate Triage project. This guide will demonstrate this process with Jira as an example.

Triage workaround

Create a separate Triage project in your project management tool and direct all feedback to this project. Your team can then review and triage the feedback before moving relevant items to the main project. Please note that this approach may not be compatible with every software we integrate with, so we recommend testing it before proceeding.

We'll demonstrate this process below using Jira as an example.

Step-by-Step Jira example

  • Create a Triage project in Jira: Establish a triage project in Jira with the same structure as your main project to facilitate seamless feedback transfer between the two.

  • Set up a Triage project in Link the newly created Jira triage project to a corresponding triage project on

  • Add the Triage project to your website: We recommend our JavaScript installation method to incorporate the triage project onto your website.

  • Create a project for your primary Jira project: This project will only be used by the system and should not be added to your website. Consider archiving this project so it's hidden out of the way.

  • Report test feedback: Submit some test feedback through the triage project.

  • Transfer reported feedback from the Triage to the Main Jira project: Move relevant test feedback from the triage Jira project to your primary Jira project.

  • Close the transferred feedback: Mark the transferred feedback as closed in the main Jira project.

  • Verify resolution in Confirm that the closed feedback now reflects as resolved within


The above workaround involves several steps, but we hope it proves useful. We plan to provide video instructions soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out through our chat support.

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