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The widget is not appearing.
The widget is not appearing.

Not able to see the widget? Check out our top tips here.

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Having trouble getting our widget to load up on your webpage? We've put together some helpful tips to help you get it up and running in no time. Check them out below and start using our widget today!

The widget is not displaying for a logged-in user.

On some browsers (especially on mobile devices), cross-site scripting and third-party cookies may be disabled. We need these settings enabled in order to see our widget.

We have a complete guide here to enable cookies and cross-site scripting for the main browsers.

Note: We are looking at identifying users via tokens instead of cookies in the future. If this would help you, please feel free to vote on that feature here.

The trial has expired, or the subscription has been canceled

Sometimes it can happen that your trial has ended or your subscription has been canceled, whether intentionally or accidentally missed payment. Check your account status at and reach out on the chat if you have any queries.

Widget Visibility options are misconfigured.

Maybe you have the widget button set to Hidden or to appear for Logged-in users only? Check out our widget targeting article for some helpful tips on how to set up your widget for your precise use case.

WordPress plugin issues

First, ensure that you don't have both the WordPress plugin and the snippet code installed on your website, as these will conflict with each other.

Next, check your widget settings on and ensure that these are set appropriately. Check out our widget targeting article for some tips.

Then check the WordPress plugin settings to ensure that you are targeting the correct page type and user role.

Finally, check that your other plugins are not conflicting with the plugin. We often see issues with Caching plugins, for example. Try disabling these to see if that solves the issue. If so, there may be an easy tweak you can make to the caching plugin to allow to operate correctly.

Conflicts with ads or popups

Ads or pop up on your website may interfere with our software. Try disabling them for testing, and if this resolves your issue, maybe there will be some tweaks you can make to them to ensure that they don't impact the widget.

Conflicts with other browser plugins

We have had some issues with other browser plugins (for example, spell checkers or ad blockers!) conflicting with our plugin. In general, you can easily switch off these plugins for websites that you have installed, and that will sort out these issues.

Content Security Policy

The content security policy on your site might not be set up to allow the script to load.
Our script makes requests and loads resources from several areas. You will need to check the browser console for any CSP errors and change your CSP to allow to load these resources.

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security mechanism that helps protect against content injection attacks, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Check out our updated guide on Using with Content Security Policy

Chat with us!

We understand that there could be something else going on. If you need any help, simply chat with us at the bottom right - we'll be glad to help! πŸ™

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