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Get feedback on designs, slides, pdfs, and image
Get feedback on designs, slides, pdfs, and image

Use to get feedback on your designs!

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Feedback on designs, slides, and PDFs is super easy with Read below on how to achieve this.

What do you need

  • A place to host your designs (EG: Google Drive, or a dedicated website etc)

  • An account on

How does it work

  • Ensure your team can access your designs.

  • Invite your team to give you feedback via

  • View and action all of your feedback on your Project management tools.

An example using to get feedback on designs

Amber has three folders in our Google Drive Flyers PDFs and slides and she

wants to share the contents with Conor and allow him to submit feedback on them


Amber shares the folders with Conor as a viewer she then opens up to create a new project. Think of a project as a way to link your design slides and PDFs to your project management tools.

Amber gives the project a name, she chooses as the

website and she selects the Trello integration

Next Amber installs the widget choosing the browser extension method

She chooses to "show the widget on my website" and then installs the extension

following the Easy instructions

Notice she can already see the widget on her Google Drive

Amber wishes to invite Conor to our account so he can offer feedback on her

designs she sends Conor a guest invitation. Conor receives an email and is given access to the guest portal. Conor now chooses to report some feedback and is prompted to First install the browser extension.

Now Conor can navigate to the shared Google Drive where he sees Amber's designs

and can start submitting his feedback here Conor opens a flyer for example and uses the widget to report feedback saying the font is too big

All of Conor's feedback goes directly into Amber's Trello board and can easily be actioned from here how cool is that


If you are looking to streamline and organize your design feedback process, is the perfect solution. Make sure that all of your team members can view the design on a shared platform, then invite them to your account and get started right away!

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