Ever wondered how well your team and clients are using Marker.io? How good is your team at addressing issues? Who are the top reporters? With our feedback analytics section, you can now answer all these questions.

Feedback Analytics Overview

Within each of your projects, the feedback analytics page offers details on the number of:

  • Open tasks

  • Resolved tasks

  • Archived tasks

  • Total tasks

In the above graph, you see:

  • Issues reported by Guests and Public Reporters (red)

  • Issues reported by Members (blue)

  • The cumulative amount of issues over the last 30 days. (grey)

You can filter by the guest or member roles.

Graphical view can be selected at 7, 30, or All-Time period.

You also see an overview of your top reporters.

How do I enable feedback analytics?

This feature is enabled by default once you are on the Team plan or above.

If you want to see other data points incorporated, send us a message, and we may consider adding them!

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