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Welcome to the advanced guide for integrating with your feedback processes. Whether you're collecting feedback from team members or external stakeholders, offers integration with your existing issue trackers and project management systems. In this guide, we delve into best practices and expert tips to enhance your experience.

Create a dedicated user to connect your Tools with

Why Use a Dedicated Account?

  • Clarity and Organization: By creating a specialized user account (e.g., " Bot"), you can ensure that all feedback through is easily identifiable and doesn't get mixed up with other internal communications.

  • Consistency in Reporting: A dedicated account provides a unified channel for feedback, making the process easier to manage.

How to Set It Up:

  • Create a new user in your tool, naming it for easy identification (like " Bot").

  • Use this account as the primary integration link between and your tool.

Below is a short demo using Jira. You can apply this to any of our integrations.

Transitioning from Personal to Bot User

Simple Transition Process:

  • If you initially set up your integration with a personal account, shifting to a dedicated bot user is straightforward and recommended for the reasons mentioned above.

  • While the exact steps may differ based on the tool you're using, the fundamental approach remains the same.

Below is how you can make this switch in Jira, applicable to all integrations.

Allow users to report feedback via their own Integration account.

  • Users who prefer to submit feedback using their personal integration accounts can easily do so. Simply add them as members of your account to provide them with the necessary access.

  • This method enhances flexibility.

We walk through an example in the below video.

What permissions are required to integrate with our internal tools?

Administrator Access Required:

  • To integrate with your internal tools, administrative credentials are generally needed. This is due to the requirement of establishing webhooks that facilitate communication with your Integration API.

  • The specific permissions required might vary depending on the tool you're using.

See below for advice on Jira permissions, and see the Jira guide for further details.

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