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Depending on your use case, you may collect website feedback from Internal and/or external users. Some reporters may not have access to your internal tools (Issue Trackers & Project management systems). That's where saves the day 🦸.

Create a dedicated user to connect your Tools with

We recommend creating a dedicated user (EG: " Bot") in your tools to make the initial connection with This will serve as the Main Integration Account through which all your reporters will submit their feedback.

Benefits of a Dedicated Bot User

  • Clear Attribution: Feedback is clearly attributed to the platform, avoiding confusion.

  • Consistent Reporting: Ensures a unified reporting channel for all users.

Here is a quick demo using Jira. Note you can apply this thinking to any of our integrations.

Transitioning from Personal to Bot User

If you've initially integrated using a personal account and wish to transition to a dedicated bot user, the process is straightforward. While the specifics may vary based on the tool, the underlying principle remains consistent across integrations.

Below is an example using Jira. You may apply it to any of our integrations.

Allow users to report feedback via their own Integration account.

For users desiring to report feedback using their unique integration credentials, simply invite them as members of your account. This grants them the flexibility to integrate their personal accounts

We walk through an example in the below video.

What permissions are required to integrate with our internal tools?

Typically, Administrator credentials are essential for integration. This is because establishes webhooks to communicate with your Integration API. Specific permissions might vary based on the tool in question. For instance, Jira users can refer to our detailed Jira guide for more insights.

See below for advice on Jira permissions, and see the Jira guide for further details.

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