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How to Create a Service Account (or Bot User) in
How to Create a Service Account (or Bot User) in

Setting up a service account (or bot user) in helps avoid confusion when reporting feedback. Here's how to create your own.

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Creating a service account, also known as a bot user, in is a good move to enhance clarity and streamline feedback within your organization. Here's a detailed guide on how to set up this specialized account.

Why Use a Dedicated Account?

  • Clarity and Organization: By creating a specialized user account (e.g., "Marker Bot"), you ensure that all feedback through is easily identifiable and doesn't get mixed up with other internal communications.

  • Consistency in Reporting: A dedicated account provides a unified channel for feedback, making the process easier to manage.

Example of Potential Confusion:

Imagine Amber uses her personal account to establish a workflow in Jira. When Conor submits feedback, it appears with Conor’s name in the description, but lists Amber as the reporter. This can misleadingly suggest that Amber is the source of the feedback, which isn't the case.

The Solution with Service Accounts

Service accounts eliminate such confusion by taking ownership of all comments and feedback entries, ensuring that each piece of feedback is correctly attributed right from the start.

Create a Service Account / Dedicated Account.

Creating a service account (or bot user) is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

  • Start by creating a brand-new email address for your organization. That email address may look something like

  • Create an account with this email address in the tools you want to integrate. Use an easy to identify name like Marker Bot.

  • Use this account as the primary integration link between and your tool.

Demonstration Using Jira

Below, you'll find a brief tutorial demonstrating how to apply these steps with Jira, though the principles are applicable to any platform integrated with

By following these guidelines, you can effectively create a service account in, enhancing both the clarity and efficiency of handling feedback within your organization.

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