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Setting Up Slack Notifications with
Setting Up Slack Notifications with

Get Slack notifications when something happens in your project directly in the channel of your choice.

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Stay updated with your project's progress directly in your preferred Slack channel. This guide will walk you through setting up Slack notifications for your project.

Steps to Set Up Slack Notifications

  • Accessing Slack Notifications Settings:

    • Navigate to your project settings: Project > Settings > Notifications.

    • Choose the Slack notifications option.

  • Connecting to a Slack Channel:

    • Click on the Add to Slack button.

    • From the prompted options, select your desired Slack channel.

  • Configuring Your Notifications:

    • Once connected, the name of the Slack channel will be displayed.

    • Use the available toggles to customize your notifications based on your preferences.

You can edit notifications for

  • New feedback

  • New comments

  • Feedback status changes

Notification Options

New Feedback Notifications

You'll receive a notification for all new feedback with a summary including the Title, Description, and Screenshot. This helps you to decide on the priority of the feedback quickly.

From this notification, you can choose to

  • Open the feedback in to see all information and communicate with your reporter.

  • You can open the issue in your PM tool, assign it to a developer, change the details to make it extra clear for them, or change the status of the feedback, etc.

New Comment Notifications

New comment notifications are useful for communicating with your clients, reporters, or developers.

Feedback Status Change Notifications

Once feedback is resolved, you'll receive a notification, which can be helpful to make sure to follow up on the project.


  • Is secure?

  • What permissions are required to integrate with Slack?

Is secure?

We take your data and the security of our systems very seriously, using the most advanced security to connect with your account. See the latest version of our security policy at:

Read our privacy policy to understand better how we safely handle your data:

What permissions are required to integrate with Slack?

Slack Member permissions are required on the Slack channel to connect to the app.

My notifications stopped working

If your Slack notifications from have stopped working, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Slack Channel Status: Ensure that the specific Slack channel, where you expect to receive notifications, still exists and is not muted. Sometimes channels are archived or settings might be changed inadvertently.

  2. Reconnect Slack: If the channel is active and not muted, the next step is to refresh the connection between and Slack.

    a. Navigate to your project and select 'Settings'.

    b. Go to the 'Notifications' section.

    c. Find the Slack channel in question and click on the 'X' beside the channel's name to remove it from the notifications list.

  3. Re-add the Slack Channel: After disconnecting, re-add the channel to re-establish the connection.

    a. In the same 'Notifications' section, select the option to add a channel.

    b. Choose the desired Slack channel from the list and confirm your choice.

  4. Test Notifications: Send a test notification to ensure that the integration is working correctly.

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