Feedback Overview

When a reporter clicks on the widget, they are presented with a crisp screenshot and a feedback form that can be made as simple or complex as required. We automatically include a lot of technical information and provide a feedback page where the reporter can continue to monitor the feedback, add comments, upload files and view the status of each feedback.

Sample Feedback

Let's say a reporter notices that the Contact Us button is broken on your website. They click on our widget to provide feedback.

On the left is a crisp screenshot of the page, and on the right is a short feedback form. This form may be more detailed, depending on how your team sets it up.

They annotate the screenshot to focus on the Contact Us button using the tools on top and complete the feedback form to the best of their ability.

Sample Feedback Page

Once feedback is submitted, the reporter can review the feedback page, further comments can be made, attachments can be uploaded (EG text files or other images), and they can keep an eye on the status of their issue.

The feedback page will automatically include detail-rich technical data, which can be viewed within the metadata tab.

Automatically Captured Technical Data

The feedback page will automatically contain detail-rich technical data, including:

  • Website URL

  • Operating System

  • Browser

  • Resolution

  • Viewport

Feedback Collaboration

Feedback Notifications

Various email notifications are available on a per-project level. Email notifications depend on the user role and your team settings.

Slack notifications are also available,

See our Feedback Notifications Guide for further details on Email and Slack notifications.

Feedback Page Comments

Additional comments can be made on the feedback page at any time. Once a comment is made, the initial reporter and any other person that commented on the feedback will receive an email notification.

A link to the feedback page will be included in all emails, making it simple to continue the discussion.

All comments made on the feedback page will be synced to your PM tool.

Feedback Status Changes

Reporters can view feedback status changes and will receive an email notification once the status updates to "resolved." They can verify that the issue is resolved and decide to comment further as needed.

Feedback page attachments

As well as additional comments, you can also attach any file to help with your feedback. For example:

  • Image files - new logo

  • Text files - new text block

  • Video files - a video of the feedback issue

Feedback Developer Tools

More advanced feedback is also available, including

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