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BrowserStack with for Enhanced Web Testing
BrowserStack with for Enhanced Web Testing
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BrowserStack empowers users to test websites across 3000+ real devices and browsers. Integrating BrowserStack with's widget allows you to streamline bug reporting and feedback collection, eliminating the all-too-common question: "Which browser were you using?"

Setting Up BrowserStack Integration

To enable the BrowserStack integration, ensure that the website you are testing has the widget installed. Check our Get Started Academy for help if required.

Benefits of BrowserStack Integration

When anyone reports feedback on BrowserStack through the widget, all technical data will automatically be included with the feedback including:

  • Page URL

  • Browser information

  • Screen Size

  • Operating system

With this information, your developers can easily reproduce the bug in the same environment.

The entire BrowserStack user session is captured and attached to your issue inside your project management tool.

Sample BrowserStack Capture

Here we use BrowserStack to report on an Apple Mac device with Google Chrome.

Sample Feedback page

Below is a sample feedback page containing the BrowserStack session information, including the OS and Browser used during the reported feedback.

Sample PM/Issue Tracker page

The BrowserStack device information is also sent to the PM/Issue tracking tool you integrated with. For example, a sample Trello issue is below.

In Summary

To harness the full potential of the widget in tandem with BrowserStack, simply ensure the widget's installation on the target website. will then automatically detect, record, and relay BrowserStack device details, making your feedback process more efficient and informative.

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