When you're reporting an issue via Marker.io, you might have the option of choosing in which destination to send your feedback to.

As you can see on the visual, depending on your role and permissions, your reporters might see a field to change the destination when reporting. To learn how to define which value is selected by default, read on.

How do I define which destination will be auto-selected on specific websites?

You can list your websites under each Destination > Widget > Website domains. When your reporters visit a website, we will look for destinations associated with this domain and auto select the correct destination.

What if I use the same domain across multiple destinations? Which one will be auto-selected?

If you have the same domain listed across multiple destinations, you have to let us know which destination to prioritise on this domain. To do so, you will need to embed the javascript snippet code on your website so we can identify the priority destination. If you don't embed a snippet code in your code, we will auto-select the latest destination created.

If I embed the snippet code, does it mean that everybody will be able to see and report via the widget?

By default yes, but you can "hide" the widget from visitors.

To change that, go to your Destination > Widget > Button > Visibility. This means that the snippet inside your page will help us auto-select the correct destination, without you opening reporting to anyone. In this case, since the widget will be invisible, your reporters will need to install and use the browser extension to report a new issue. More on that below.

Can I auto-select different destinations on the same domain?

Yes you can, but you will have to install different scripts on different pages. This means you cannot install it on the website level, but you have to install it on a page level.

  • domain.com/client-a → install script associated with "destination A" on this page

  • domain.com/client-b → install script associated with "destination B" on this page

Keep in mind that you can never install 2 scripts on the same page URL!

Can I report into multiple destinations from the same website?

Yes, depending on your access. Reporters with access to multiple destinations will be able to choose where to send their feedback. We will just auto-select the destination associated with the snippet code if we find one in the page.

By default, members have access to all destinations, and guests have access to no destination.

Can guest change destinations when reporting?

In most cases, no. If you want a guest to do that, you will need to manually invite your guests to each destination under the "access" menu inside a destination.

When I click on the extension, Marker.io does not select the correct destination. Why?

If your reporter clicks on the extension - as opposed to clicking on the in-page widget - we will auto select the latest destination used by this reporter. This means that different reporters on your team might have different destination auto-selected. If that sounds counter-intuitive to you, we recommend sticking with clicking on the in-page widget, and not the extension.

Can I report issues via the browser extensions, without installing the script?

Absolutely. You can can click on the extension on any website and report into any destination you have been given access to. As explained above, we will auto-select the latest destination used by this reporter, not the destination associated with a specific domain.

Alternately, the browser extension can serve as a way to activate the in-page widget on domain where you can't access your website's code base. Learn more about how to activate the in-page widget via the extension here.

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