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Why can't my account create webhooks?
Why can't my account create webhooks?

Depending on your integration and your permissions, your account might not be able to create webhooks and sync issues with

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Webhooks facilitate real-time communication between and your integrated platforms. However, there might be instances where your account faces challenges in creating webhooks. This is often tied to the permissions associated with your integration account.

Status Sync Permissions

General Permissions

For most integrations, the account used to connect to must possess full admin credentials. These elevated permissions are essential for to establish webhooks and communicate seamlessly with your integrated platform.

This issue occurs because the account you use to connect to your integration does not have full admin credentials. Full admin credentials are required for to create webhooks to connect with your integration.

Status Sync for Jira

The account you use to connect with Jira will require the Product Admin role.

See our Jira documentation for further details.


Ensuring your integration account has the necessary permissions is pivotal for a smooth and efficient experience with If you encounter any challenges or require further clarification, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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