We currently do not have a way to capture the content of the console automatically however we have taken this feature request into our roadmap. That being said, we do offer a workaround to capture the console logs by taking a screenshot of the elements outside of the view port.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Open your DevTools

First, you will need to open you developers tools and make the console logs visible for capture:

To open your console, you can use your browser menu like this: 

Or use these keyboard shortcuts:
Mac: Command+Option+J
Windows: Control+Shift+J

Step 2: Check the "Preserve Log" option [one-time action]

When you trigger the Marker.io extension, your browser will automatically clear all previous logs. To avoid that, go into your console settings (look for the cog icon) then check the Preserve log option. 

You will only need to this once.

Step 3: Select the Desktop

When you're ready to capture your bug, click on the Marker.io extension in your browser or use the keyboard shortcuts.

Then in the vertical menu bar, click on theDesktop capture option or type the hotkey d on your keyboard

Then, select the screen that you want to capture

Step 5: Report your issue

You are now in the editor, where you can add annotation to highlight errors in your console

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