on a live website, and changing the visibility of the button

Would you like to install the widget on a live website? Depending on your widget installation method, we explore various settings you may wish to tweak below.

Install the widget onto your website using JavaScript.

If you choose a JavaScript installation method for the widget, you can choose to receive website feedback from:

  1. Everyone

  2. Users invited to your account only

  3. A subset of people (Hide the widget)

The settings are available within each project at:

Project Settings > Widget > Button > Button Visibility

  1. To allow website feedback from Everyone, you don't need to change any settings. This is the default setup.

    ๐Ÿ’ก The default setting is "Everyone can report feedback," as our most popular use case is installing on a protected website, such as a staging environment, where only limited people have access.

  2. To allow feedback from only invited Members and Guests of your account, change the setting to logged-in users only.

  3. To allow feedback from a subset of reporters, hide the button, and educate your reporters on how to activate the widget by using our secret visibility options:

    1. Add ?bug to the end of the URL

    2. Use the keyboard shortcut: โŒ˜ U on Mac or Alt U on Windows & Linux devices.

Using the Browser Extension

When you use our Browser Extension to receive website feedback, you can receive website feedback from anyone that is both

This ensures that you have complete control over who is permitted to submit website feedback.

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