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How to use on a live website
How to use on a live website

Explore various settings to use on a live website

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You might wonder about the available configurations as you plan to implement on your live website. Depending on your desired level of access and control over your feedback submissions, offers a range of settings for you to fine-tune.

Installing the Widget

Choose a JavaScript installation method to gain maximum control over your feedback process. This option allows you to decide who can submit feedback on your site.

To find these settings, in your project navigate to:

Project Settings > Widget > Button > Button Visibility

Collect feedback from Everyone

This is the default setting. No changes are needed if you want to allow all website visitors to provide feedback. It's a popular choice for protected or staging websites with limited access.

Restrict feedback to Members and Guests of your account

Restrict feedback to those who have been specifically invited to your account by selecting 'logged-in users only'.

Restrict feedback to a selected group

By hiding the button, you can enable feedback only from those who know how to activate the widget. To do so, they can either add '?bug' at the end of the URL or use the keyboard shortcut (โŒ˜ U for Mac, Alt U for Windows & Linux devices).

Using the Browser Extension

For those who prefer using the Browser Extension, feedback can be collected from any user who:

This method ensures you maintain absolute control over who can submit website feedback.

Through these settings and features, allows you to tailor your user feedback experience to perfectly match your needs.

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