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How to export your Marker.io feedback to CSV

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Enhance your project management capabilities with our new CSV Export feature, which helps with data analysis, collaboration, and decision-making.

Benefits of our CSV export

  1. Share customizable Reports: Import CSV files into various applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet and data analysis tools, to create tailored reports to share with external stakeholders.

  2. Data Backup and Security: Maintain a secure backup of your crucial feedback and project data, ensuring accessibility even in case of unexpected system issues or data loss.

  3. Advanced-Data Analysis: Leverage structured feedback data to conduct in-depth analysis, identify patterns, trends, and correlations, and make more informed decisions.

How to Export to CSV

This feature is available on Team and Company plans. Customers on a legacy plan will need to upgrade to a new plan to gain access. Check if you have access here.

Navigate to the desired Marker.io Project Settings > Feedback > Export

The report will be sent directly to your registered email address.

What's included in the Export?

The CSV file contains comprehensive feedback information, such as:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Reporter details

  • Technical details (e.g., operating system, browser)

  • Screenshot URL

  • Date of submission

  • Feedback status

Get started today with Marker.io's CSV Export feature to unlock the full potential of your project data and continue your journey to website feedback success. πŸ™

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