We are considering building a feature enabling an export of feedback from Marker.io to CSV. If this feature is important to you, please consider voting for it here and adding commentary where possible:

In the meantime, if your project is linked with any of our integrations, it's possible that you can simply export your website feedback to a CSV from there.

Let's see some examples below.

Export from Jira to CSV

To export Marker.io data from Jira:

  • Navigate to your Jira project that contains your Marker.io data.

  • Select JQL.

  • Edit the JQL query to include: and text ~ "Marker.io".

  • Export issues

  • Export Excel CSV (All fields)

Export from Trello to CSV

To export data from Trello to CSV, you need to have a premium Trello account. Every user in a Premium Workspace has the ability to export the board as a CSV.

  • Select the board you'd like to export

  • Print and export

  • Export as CSV

Export from Asana to CSV

To export projects from Asana to CSV

  • Chose the project you wish to export

  • Select the dropdown arrow beside the project name

  • Export/Print

  • CSV

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