LogRocket combines session replay, performance monitoring, and product analytics.

With our LogRocket integration, all feedback reported through the Marker.io widget will include your LogRocket session URL.

Set up LogRocket Integration

Ensure that your LogRocket script and Marker.io script are installed across your website.

When anyone reports feedback through the Marker.io widget, the LogRocket user session is captured and attached to your issue inside your project management tool.

Sample Feedback page

Below is a sample feedback page with a link to the LogRocket session when the user reported the feedback. Click on the link to view the steps that occurred before the feedback/bug was reported.

Sample PM/Issue tracker page

The LogRocket link is also sent to the PM/Issue tracking tool you integrated with. for example, a sample Trello issue is below.

Sample LogRocket Session

Here's a sample page showing a LogRocket Session


To allow the Marker.io widget to record and pass the LogRocket session URL, simply install both Marker.io's and LogRocket's script tags on the same pages.

We will automatically detect LogRocket and capture it for you!

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