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Guide to enabling Domain Join
Guide to enabling Domain Join
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Introduction to Domain Join

Our Domain Join feature is designed to streamline the process of adding new team members to your existing account. When enabled, this feature automatically associates new sign-ups from your company's email domain directly to your team, bypassing the need for individual team invites and avoiding the creation of multiple trial accounts.

Benefits of Enabling Domain Join

  • Simplicity: New team members can join effortlessly, without waiting for an invitation.

  • Efficiency: Reduces administrative overhead and confusion.

  • Consistency: Ensures all team members are part of the same account, facilitating better collaboration.

How to Enable Domain Join

  • Login to Your Admin Account: Only team administrators can enable the Domain Join feature. Log in to your dashboard with admin credentials.

  • Access Team Settings: Navigate to the 'Workspace Settings' area from the dashboard.

  • Enable Domain Join: Look for the "Domain Join" section, and here you can add your email domain.

  • Next you are asked for your email address to verify the domain

  • Confirm via email: once you complete the above, you will receive an email verification. Once you accept that, your domain join will be enabled.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Joining the Wrong Team: If someone still ends up in the wrong team, ensure they are using their company email address and that Domain Join is correctly set up.

  • Not Able to Join: Verify the email domain is correctly entered in the Domain Join settings and that the user is indeed using an email address from this domain.


The Domain Join feature is a powerful tool for managing team memberships. By enabling this feature, you can ensure a smoother onboarding process for new team members, keeping everyone on the same platform and reducing the hassle of managing multiple accounts.

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