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Fair limits of usage

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Marker.io’s offering is subject to our fair use principle. We expect the usage of most of our users to fall within the range of normal usage on the Starter and Team Plan. Our goal is to keep our pricing simple and our limits as permissive as possible. We don’t want you to worry about usage limits and paywalls.

When your usage causes pressure on our infrastructure we will contact you to create a custom plan.

Examples of Excessive Usage

  • Projects: Consistently using too many active projects (eg: 100+ active projects). You can easily archive unused projects.

  • Page views: Consistently loading Marker.io’s script on high-traffic websites (eg: 1M+ page views/month)

  • Reporters: This role is intended for in-app users or visitors of your website external to your organization. Reporters are not intended for staging environments and/or designated UAT testers, nor employees of the Marker.io account holder.

  • Accounts: Sharing paid accounts with users outside of your organization or using shared accounts internally (eg: markerio@yourcompany.com)

These limits are constantly monitored to ensure fairness and are subject to change.

ℹ️ If you need a plan with custom limits, check our Enterprise plan and contact us

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