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Collecting Anonymous Feedback
Collecting Anonymous Feedback

We guide you through the process of collecting anonymous feedback using

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This article will guide you through the process of collecting anonymous feedback using Although the platform does not currently have a specific anonymous reporting feature, we provide a workaround to help you achieve this goal.

Note: If you would like to see an anonymous reporting feature added to, please vote for it here.

Understanding User Roles

Before proceeding, ensure you're familiar with user roles: Public Reporters, Guests, Members, and Admins. For a detailed explanation of each role, visit this page.

This guide focuses on collecting anonymous feedback from Public Reporters.

Preparing for anonymous feedback

  1. Use a JavaScript method to add the widget to your website.

  2. Add code to preset the name and email field using our set reporter JavaScript code.

  3. Use a valid email address that you control.

Anonymous feedback Example

Amber wants anonymous feedback on her website, She modifies her JavaScript snippet code as follows:

Initial Code:

window.markerConfig = {
project: '6425ea21a26a782771ab0',
source: 'snippet' };

Modified Code:

window.markerConfig = {
project: '6425ea21a26a782771ab0',
source: 'snippet',

reporter: {
email: '',
fullName: 'Anonymous User',

Amber uses an email alias to ensure all emails function correctly.

Above: An example feedback from an anonymous user.

Reduce Email Notifications

To minimize the number of email notifications, disable them in your workspace settings by visiting this link and turning off both "Feedback received" and "Feedback resolved" emails.

Reporting Feedback

  • Guests and members will continue reporting feedback from their accounts as long as they are logged into

  • Public reporters will submit feedback as anonymous users.


We hope this article has helped guide you through collecting anonymous feedback using If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us via chat. Your feedback on this article is highly appreciated. πŸ™

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