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How do I upload files on
How do I upload files on
Here we talk about uploading files on the feedback form and the feedback page.
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One of our latest features on is the ability to upload files both during the initial feedback reporting, and also later at any point onto the feedback page.

You may upload all file types including pdfs, powerpoints, images, and video files.

This can be really useful if you'd like to be more specific than ever on your feedback, or if you'd like to provide additional information to your reports.

Example use cases

Example file-upload use cases are endless

  • Replacement images or logos.

  • A locally captured screenshot.

  • A detailed video explaining your feedback.

  • A text file containing a blurb that you want to replace on a page.

  • A copy of the complete console logs at the time of reporting feedback

  • A copy of the network logs (EG a HAR file)

Upload files while reporting feedback

Below is an example of uploading a video file while reporting an initial feedback

Upload files to the feedback page

At any time after you've reported your initial feedback, you can open your feedback page and upload additional files and commentary.

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