Slack Notifications
Get Slack notifications when something happens in your project directly in the channel of your choice.
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Set up a Slack notification

Slack notifications are available in your project settings.
Project > Settings > Notifications > Slack notifications

You can connect your project to a Slack channel by clicking the Add to Slack button.

Next, select a Slack channel.

Once connected, you'll see the name of the Slack channel and some toggles to edit your notifications.

You can edit notifications for

  • New feedback

  • New comments

  • Feedback status changes

Notification Options

New Feedback Notifications

You'll receive a notification for all new feedback with a summary including the Title, Description, and Screenshot. This helps you to quickly decide on the priority of the feedback.

From this notification, you can choose to

  • Open the feedback in to see all information and communicate with your reporter.

  • Open the issue in your PM tool, assign it to a developer, change the details to make it extra clear for them, or change the status of the feedback etc.

New Comment Notifications

New comment notifications are useful for communicating with your clients, reporters, or developers.

Feedback Status Change Notifications

Once feedback is resolved, you'll receive a notification, which can be useful to make sure to follow up on the project.


  • Is secure?

  • What permissions are required to integrate with Slack?

Is secure?

We take your data and the security of our systems very seriously, using the most advanced security to connect with your account. See the latest version of our security policy at:

Read our privacy policy to better understand how we safely handle your data:

What permissions are required to integrate with Slack?

Slack Member permissions are required on the Slack channel to connect to the app.

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