Whenever your application knows about your reporters' identity, you should provide that information through the Marker.io snippet code.


The reporting experience will be much better for your guests as they will not be prompted to provide their contact information while reporting their issues.


Identifying your reporters is dead-simple: all you need to do is to provide their reporter information in the configuration object of your snippet code.

window.markerConfig = {
destination: "<DESTINATION ID>",
reporter: {
email: 'john@clientwebsite.com',
fullName: 'John Smith',

What happens when the email matches a Marker.io user account?

If the provided email matches a Marker.io user account that has access to the destination, a special link will be shown in the widget to allow users to login.

If the user is not yet logged into Marker.io, this link will allow them to report using their account and to see the Member's widget form.

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