is the best way to collect client feedback straight into your favorite issue tracker. Many reporters submitting feedback do not have access to your internal tools. This article will explore status synchronization and auto-update to keep your reporters in the loop on their issues.

Let's see how it works 👇

1. Real-time sync with your integrations. syncs statuses from your project management tool in real time for any issues created via

For example, If you move a Trello card into a new list, will synchronize with the up-to-date list.

You can filter issues in based on the statuses in your project management tool.

2. Resolve Guest issues automatically.

All issues have custom issue status provided by Open, Archived & Resolved.

With the Status auto-update feature, you can create rules to mark an issue as resolved automatically. Under your project setting, navigate to Settings > Status sync.

When someone on your team changes the status inside your project to "done" your Guest's issue will be automatically updated to Resolved.

3. Notify your Guests automatically.

Shortly after updating your issue to the corresponding "Resolved" status, your reporters will receive a confirmation email and know their issue has been taken care of.

Guests can view all statuses at a glance in real time.

4. Keep track of Guest status changes inside your tools.

We aim to have your developers and other team members leave your project management tool as little as possible. When you update an issue inside your tools, will add a confirmation message inside your commenting sections.

Frequently asked questions

How do I mark an issue as archived?

Archive or delete your issue inside your project management tool. It will then be marked as Archived on

Can I re-open issues?

Yes. Move issues inside your project management tool to a status not associated with the "Resolved" status in This will re-open the issue in, and our bot will add a new comment to your project management tool to let you know.

Can change the statuses of issues inside my project management tool?

No. We use "read-only" permissions on your statuses. The Status auto-update feature only works 1-way: status changes in your integrations will be reflected in, not the other way around.

Can I update statuses manually in

You cannot change statuses for individual issues with the status auto-update feature enabled. If you want to update statuses manually in, you need to disable the status auto-update feature for each project.

How do I enable/disable the status auto-update feature?

All projects created after April 2021 will have this setting enabled by default. It can be disabled on a project level.

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