Change widget color, text & position

Giving your widget the look and feel that you want is pretty easy.

Inside your project, navigate to Widget -> Button.

Here you can:

  • Change the widget color

  • Update the widget text

  • Change the placement of the button

Once you’re happy with the look and feel, hit Save.

Tip! You can update your widget’s appearance and forms at any time, and all changes will be reflected in real-time on your website.

Use a custom button or link to activate the widget

If you'd like to use a custom button/link to launch the widget, switch the button visibility to hidden.

The widget will be loaded but hidden on your page, and your developers can control the widget via JS API. To learn more, check out our developer documentation and our Web SDK.

Custom Branding

Thanks to our custom branding feature, you can remove our "powered by" information and upload your own logo onto our widget.

These settings are available at:

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