Make your own by uploading your logo to customize your website reporter experience. You can opt to:

  • Upload your company logo.

  • Remove the "Powered by" branding

  • Add a square logo to each feedback portal

Navigate to workplace settings, upload your company logo and remove our branding.

Additionally, upload a square logo on a per-project basis, giving your feedback portal a custom feel.

Custom Branding Example

Make Custom Branding Changes

Below we upload the Apple logo and switch off the "Powered by" branding.

Next, we upload a square logo for our Feedback portal and renamed the project to AppleProject.

How does custom branding improve the reporter experience?

Feedback portal

The logo has been replaced in the upper left corner with your company logo.

Website Widget

As we've disabled the "Powered-By" options in the settings, information is removed for a seamless experience. Your long rectangle logo will also show up in your widget.

Feedback page

All the mentions of have been removed on the Feedback Page, and your guests will see your company logo in the top left corner.


Emails to your members and guests will now include your logo (rectangle version), so your recipients feel at home.

Who has access to custom branding?

The custom branding feature is available on the Team, Company, and Enterprise plans.

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