When should I use API Token instead of password?

  1. Google Apps: If you use Google apps to connect to your Jira account, you will need to generate an API Token to authenticate as you do not have a Jira password available.
  2. Two-step auth: If your Jira authentication required two-step verification, you will need to generate and authenticate using an API Token.
  3. New password: If you regularly change your Jira password or need to reset it, API tokens are more reliable and offer better security control

How to generate a API token password

Go to your Atlasssian id account - https://id.atlassian.com - then navigate to the API token tab here:

Then go back to your Marker.io account and go connect your Jira account using your Jira host, Jira email and API token (instead of password).

Video Overview [30 seconds]

Here is how to connect Jira using API Token in seconds

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