Step 1: Create an account

Start your free trial by creating your account here. 

Step2: Connect your existing bug tracking tool

The best way to use is in combination with our supported integrations such as Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Slack and more .

It's a great way for you and your team to share feedback and report bugs, directly into your project management or bug tracking tools. If you're interested in these use cases, read some of our detailed guide on how to use each integration:

Step 3: Install the browser extension

Depending on which browser you use during your web testing sessions, you can install our browser extension in 1 click from your admin here.

Step 4: Create your first bug report / feedback ticket

Go to your website and start hunting for bugs. When you find one, click on the browser extension and capture a screenshot

You will then be able to edit your screenshot with annotations, add more context and finally report your first bug inside your existing bug tracking tool.

Step 5:  Invite your team members

Go to your team settings and start inviting your team members. They will receive an email, inviting them to join your team. They will then be able to report bugs and feedback, directly inside their browsers.

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