Step 1: Add a destination 

In, everything starts with a destination. 

Think of a destination as an existing project inside your favourite tools, which you connect to 

We support all types of tools like Jira, Asana, GitHub, Gitlab, and more….

Once you've connected your integration account, select the tool in which your existing project lives and list the website on which you want to collect feedback from.

Find you integration specific guide here: 

Step 2: Create your first bug report

Go to the website associated with your destination and start hunting for bugs.

To capture website feedback, you'll be asked install one of our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox or Edge, the first time you land on your website.

It’s a one-time job and it literally takes 3 clicks to install!

When you find one, click on the browser extension and capture a screenshot .You will then be able to edit your screenshot with annotations. 

Add more context and finally report your first bug inside your existing bug tracking tool.

Step 4:  Invite Clients & Team Members

To get other people to report bugs and visual feedback, invite them to your destination in the user list.

You will then have to choose which role you want to select for your contributor.

Note that members have access to all new destination by default and clients do not.
You can change both settings inside each destination in the access settings.

You can also manage your user at the account level on you 

Step 5: Customize Sidebar

Depending on your needs, you might want to customize sidebar for your reporters inside your destination settings

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