When you need to get a quick point across, report a bug or create a task for your team, we believe that visual communication is the way to go! With Marker.io, you and your team will instantly improve your feedback workflow thanks to these 3 key features:

1.Capture anything, unlimited & in any size 📸 

Whatever you see on your screen that you would like to share, we’ve got you covered 💪. Marker offers 4 different way to capture a screenshot:

Simply click on the Marker extension in your browser and select your favorite capturing method

2. Get your point across: Annotation Tools ✍️

Drawing and writing over screenshot may still be the best way to get a point across to your team. 

After capturing your screenshots, use our annotation tools such as arrows, text, shapes, pen and even emojis ✌️ to bring your message to life. 

3. Convert screenshots into actionable feedback 📣

The best way to use Marker.io is in combination with our supported integrations such as Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Slack and more.

It's a great way for you and your team to share feedback and report bugs, directly into your project management or bug tracking tools. 

If you're interested in these use cases, read some of our detailed guide on how to use each integration:

Watch this quick demo video to get a sense of how Marker.io plays well with your existing tools

What’s next? 

Go ahead and capture a screenshot. Simply click on the Marker.io extension in the upper right corner of your browser and followthe steps

If you need to re-install the browser extension, you can do it here.

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