When you capture a screenshot with Marker.io, you can share it in 4 different ways: integrations, shareable links, copy to clipboard and local download. Let's look at how each method work:

1. Integrations

The best way to use Marker.io is in combination with our supported integrations such as Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Slack and more.

It's a great way for you and your team to share feedback and report bugs, directly into your project management or bug tracking tools. If you're interested in these use cases, read some of our detailed guide on how to use each integration:

Watch this quick demo video to get a sense of how Marker.io plays well with your existing tools

2. Shareable links

If you want to quickly share a screenshot via a sharable URL, simply click the Get a link to your screenshot button. This will immediately close the editor and copy the newly URL to your clipboard.

You can now paste this link anywhere where you can copy text.

3. Copy to clipboard

When you're done editing a screenshot, you can easily copy it to your clipboard. It's especially useful when you need to embed your screenshot in an email or a customer support ticket.

Just click the copy image to clipboard  button in your editor.

Clicking this button will open an new page inviting you to right click the image thumbnail to copy the image in your clipboard

4. Download in PNG

To download your screenshot locally in a .PNG format, click the download button

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