If you've tried to connect your JIRA account to your Marker account but got an error message try following steps:

Step 1: Cloud Vs Self-hosted

First, you need to ensure that your JIRA can communicate with external services like Marker.io. If your JIRA account is cloud-based JIRA account, it will work. If your JIRA host looks like this => (https://myorganisation.atlassian.net) you are using the cloud-based version

However, If you're using a self-hosted JIRA instance, read this post first and come back here.

Step 2: Log into your JIRA account

Log into JIRA in a second tab. This ensures that your password and username do not require a captcha verification from Atlasssian. When you're logged in into JIRA, come back to Marker.io and try connecting your JIRA account again using the exact same credentials.

If it still doesn't work, go to step 3.

Step 3: Enter your JIRA host correctly in the correct format.

Enter your host following this format:


If you're JIRA instance is cloud-based, pay special attention to to enter the "s" in the httpS*.

Step 4: Enter your JIRA email & password

Enter your JIRA email or username (e.g.: firstname.name) and Jira password. Pay special attention to empty spaces, invisible characters, special symbols and capital letters. 

If you're using Google Apps or you're using two-step authentication to log into Jira, you must log in using an API Token instead of password.

Step 5: Generate an API Token (Google Apps, 2-step auth, ..)

If you using a different log-in method like Google Apps, 2-step auth,... you should use a Token-based authentication method to connect Jira. 

Learn how to generate and use an API token to connect Jira with Marker.io instead of using a password.

Step 6: Reset your password in JIRA

Still not working? 

Try setting a new password in your JIRA account or use the token-based authentication method mentioned in step 5.


If still not working, please reach out by email at info@marker.io or start a chat conversation with the widget in your lower right corner of your screen.

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