For the browser extension to work, the extension need to communicate with the browser API. To do so, users need to grant some permissions.

Here there are:

Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit

We need this permission to be able to capture the content of your webpage when you trigger the extension and capture a screenshot. We also need that permission in order to display our capture interface directly inside of your website tabs and to retrieve information like the page URL, browser & OS version, etc...

How do it really work?
When you load a new page, we inject a script in case you’ll want to trigger our extension but we do not interact with the content at this point. We also do not read the content. And even when you do decide to capture your screen, the information of the content is not transmitted through our servers yet. Everything stays local. Only when you do decide to submit your feedback and save it to one of our supported integration, will we have the content transmitted through our servers in order to forward the information to your connected integrations.

Display notifications

Marker uses notifications to offer you the best experience when working in the background, for example to keep you informed of the progress of the creation of an issue.

Communicate with cooperating websites / native applications

The extension needs to cooperate with our servers on This is the only website we use to cooperate with.

Capture content of your screen

Since we introduced the Desktop capture that allows you to capture elements outside of your browser, we need to be able to capture anything that is on your screen.

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