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How Do I Remove the Screenshot Booster Link
How Do I Remove the Screenshot Booster Link

Hide the Screenshot Booster link

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Some teams may wish to remove the "screenshot booster" link from the widget or screenshots in our application. While our application doesn't offer a direct setting to disable this feature, it can be effectively removed through a simple modification in the code snippet used to integrate the widget.

If a direct setting on our application is important to you, please vote on that feature here.

Steps to remove the screenshot booster link


  1. Edit the snippet code for the widget in your website's HTML. This snippet is usually placed in the header <script> section.

  2. Include extension: false as a property. This tells the widget not to display the link.

The modified section of your code should look like this:

window.markerConfig = {
project: '<your_project_id>', // Replace with your project ID
source: 'snippet',
extension: false,

Ensure that the rest of the integration code remains unchanged. It's important to keep the original structure to ensure the widget functions correctly.


Once you've made this change and updated the code on your site, the "screenshot booster" link will no longer appear in the widget or screenshots. This simplifies the interface for your users and can help reduce any confusion or distraction caused by the link.

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