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Delayed screenshot with timer
Delayed screenshot with timer

Delayed screenshot is not currently available, but we've got a workaround for you.

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At, we take user feedback seriously and continuously strive to improve the experience for all our users. Recently, we've heard from many of you about a potential feature addition: a Delayed Screenshot or Timer-based Screenshot functionality.

Why a Delayed Screenshot Feature?

The potential benefits of this feature are clear: it would be beneficial for capturing screenshots of hover-over elements or timed pop-ups that typically disappear before a screenshot can be captured.

Current Availability

At present, this feature is not available within our application. However, we are actively exploring the feasibility and potential impact of its implementation.

We Want Your Feedback

We greatly appreciate your opinions, and we want to hear more from you about this possible addition. If you believe the Delayed Screenshot feature would enhance your user experience with, we invite you to join our ongoing discussions. Visit the following link to cast your vote and share your insights on this feature:

Interim Workaround: Local Screenshots

While working on potential feature updates, we also want to offer an interim solution. Currently, members can save screenshots locally and then replace the screenshot with the locally stored file.

To help you navigate this workaround, Joe has created a concise video guide. We encourage you to watch this video and share your feedback on whether this temporary solution meets your needs.

Committed to Improvement

At, our primary goal is to make your experience with our software as smooth and efficient as possible. We appreciate your patience as we explore the possibility of the Delayed Screenshot feature and your participation in this discussion. Your input is invaluable as we strive to create the best tool for your needs.

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