Here at we've been there, slap bang in the middle of the video call. "Let me just share my screen" and oops:

"Google Chrome would like to record this computer's screen!"

It seems to happen every time Google Chrome updates on the mac.

This is painful, and the fix involves restarting Chrome, kicking you off the call, and exiting all browser windows that you were hoping to present. 😱😱😱

Let's get to the fix.👇

How do I enable screen sharing on Google Chrome Mac?

  1. Open System preferences

  2. Security & Privacy

  3. Screen Recording

  4. Click the lock to make changes

  5. Add your password

  6. Unlock

  7. Select Google Chrome (You may need to unselect and reselect in some cases)

  8. Quit & Reopen (Warning this will restart all of your open Google Chrome Windows/Tabs (Painful I know!)

That's it, you make a quick return to your online meeting and fingers crossed all will go well.

Fancy a quick preventative measure before your next meeting?

  1. Restart your computer (This NEVER hurts!)

  2. Update Chrome

  3. Start a google meeting with yourself.

  4. Test the screen sharing.

  5. If it doesn't work follow the above steps.

Best of luck with all your future video calls!

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